Reactions to VSiN’s NHL Hockey OKBET Betting Guide

Anyone wishing to prepare themselves for NHL betting in the 2022–2023 season can read VSiN’s NHL Betting Guide, which was just released for the 2022 season.

The manual offers a thorough explanation of some of the most crucial hockey betting statistics, serves as a helpful reminder for seasoned bettors, and is a great resource for those who are just starting out with hockey betting. Additionally, it offers hockey gamblers some outstanding general betting advice as well as useful data like schedule highlights, value bets in the futures market, and teams playing on minimal rest (awards).

Give out Best Bets

Rocket Richard Trophy: Alex DeBrincat +2500 (Most goals scored)

My favorite futures wager is the one the book emphasizes. Recently, Auston Matthews has focused on winning the Rocket Richard award, with Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers being the only player who have pushed him in terms of potential.

Injuries have plagued Matthews throughout his career as a large, tough center, and the last time he played more than 75 games in a season was in his rookie season in 2016–17. He might be surpassed as the leading goal scorer in 2022–23 with only a little decline in goal production, and at +190 to win, he is an easy fade in the betting market.

DeBrincat, who the report says scored 32 goals in 52 games in 2020–21, is a player with juicy odds who has benefited from Matthews’ domination (essentially a 50-goal pace). The 24-year-old, who has already shown that he has a lot of potential as a scorer, should be the focal point of the new Senators attack, which also has playmakers like Claude Giroux and Tim Stutzle. Although DeBrincat is younger and has better chances than David Pastrnak, a prior winner of this prize, the guide prefers DeBrincat.

Hart Award: Cale Makar + 1500 (MVP)

No defender has scored 100 points in a regular season since 1991–1992, according to the betting guide, but there’s a good likelihood that Makar will try to do so this season. In 20 postseason games, he scored 29 points, putting him on pace to reach 118 points after 82 games. To fully challenge either Matthews or Connor McDavid, the two apparent favorites for the Hart Trophy, a player must be capable of pulling off an extraordinary feat. Makar has not yet participated in 80 or more games in a season, but if he does so and surpasses the historic 100-point mark, there is a good possibility he will be given significant consideration.

After dominating in the playoffs, the public is also really into Makar, and voters are ultimately just people with very genuine prejudices. I also like that Nathan MacKinnon, who is a wonderful player in his own right but hasn’t played more than 70 games in a season since 2018–19, is at a disadvantage for this award since he plays the same position as Matthews and McDavid. Makar is also available at greater odds than MacKinnon. Makar is correctly highlighted in the recommendation as a good bargain for this one.

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Probabilities of winning a division

On a division-by-division basis, the Betting Guide provides predictions and odds for where each club will finish. Additionally, it offers some fantastic team-by-team statistics and perhaps best bets. I’ve selected two of the teams below with the biggest discrepancy between the estimates in the guide and the actual odds provided by OKBET Sportsbook.

Metropolitan Division: Carolina Hurricanes +200

Carolina will win division, according to betting guide projection 56.9% (-132)

To be honest, it makes a lot of sense that the Hurricanes are the clear favorites in the Metropolitan Division this season according to the guide. With Washington having an aging roster and the possibility for more slippage in 2022–23, the bottom four clubs are exceedingly poor. Max Pacioretty’s arrival later in the season, assuming he recovers from an Achilles injury, will provide Carolina’s starting lineup even more depth.

Calgary Flames + 210 in the Pacific Division

Calgary will win division, according to the betting forecast 54.9% (-121)

The Flames should be approached with caution since they plan to drastically revamp their top-tier players in 2022–2023. That being said, this squad was dominant throughout the regular season, finishing second in goal difference overall last year with a +85, and they compete in a relatively weak league. Since it’s difficult to see either the Kings or Golden Knights as genuine contenders this year, Calgary may only have to worry about the Edmonton Oilers, a club whose goalie woes will be largely dependent on the skilled but erratic Jack Campbell. While the public is concerned about the roster changes, taking Calgary at these odds is probably a wise decision.

Favorite Elements

Schedule for 2022–2023, with Tired Areas Highlighted

This betting advice is very helpful. It draws attention to times when teams will play with little rest. The hockey season consists of more than 80 games, as noted in the book, and teams playing on little rest often see their win percentages collapse. There has been a ton of study done on this, but generally speaking, teams playing the second game in a back-to-back have seen their win percentages fall by roughly 5%.

Newcomers to watch

It might be difficult to keep track of all the rookies entering the league, even if you’re a die-hard hockey fan. The guide offers a thorough assessment of the top rookies entering the league in 2022–2023 as well as the situation of the betting market for Rookie of the Year. It’s a wonderful introduction that will help you identify which players to keep an eye on as the Calder trophy season goes on.

NHL 101 statistics

Over the last ten years, hockey’s advanced metrics have advanced significantly. The book includes advice on how you may be able to utilize the most popular hockey numbers, such as Corsi, anticipated goal rate, and WAR (wins above replacement), to your advantage when placing bets.

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